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Mini Cardboard USB Flash Drives Branded

Mini Cardboard USB Flash Drives Branded

SKU: M6561

Taking innovation and uniqueness to a whole new level, our Mini Cardboard USB Flash Drives Branded are here to save brand recognition and the environment. While there are numerous other eco-friendly giveaway options, none matches the functionality of these flash drives. Unlike any other conventional USB drives, which are made from plastic or metal, these are made from a recyclable cardboard material. The sleek design of these drives makes their storage and portability easier. Users can store these inside their wallets or cardholders and carry these around without any hassle.

Buy Logo Branded Portable Sustainable USBs

Whether you are a rustic company or the latest biz, these are the best giveaway items for you. The style and use of these as promotional giveaways will help you win over your target audience. Your prospects would love to take these back home with them and use these unique flash drives when needed. Furthermore, they will also showcase your respect and concern towards environmental well-being. You can get these drives pre-loaded with brochures and flyers of your company. This 16 GB flash drive sports a body made from cardboard. It will be shipped in an all-natural cork pouch stored inside an eco box.

Competitive Prices and Rapid Local Shipping

Our quoted costs will cover branding on one spot using a 1-colour design. GST excluded. A 14-day turnaround time is applied in all territories and states.