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Promotional Pencil Shape Flashdrives

Promotional Pencil Shape Flashdrives

SKU: G1755

Promotional Flashdrives are useful and hi-tech giveaway items. Regardless of what industry you work in, these can easily fit in. This is mainly because all businesses have shifted to a digital platform to make more profits. Complying with this trend, we have taken the conventional Pendrive design to a whole new level by adding a unique design. Check out our Promotional Pencil Shaped Flashdrives! A unique and customised giveaway item that will make the best addition to all types of marketing events. Featuring a special pencil-shaped design, these durable products will surely stand out at any work desk or essentials kits.

  • Buy Logo Branded Marker Style USBs

    Your prospects will be intrigued by seeing your representatives hand out a tiny pencil. And the moment of surprise when they see that these are no basic pencils, but they are tech-savvy pen drives! These trendy USB drives look like timber pencils have a durable plastic body. It also has a sturdy magnetic closure, which ensures that you do not misplace the lid and keep the pen drive safely. We have made these available in a wide range of storage capacities along with colour variety options. The flash drives are compatible with MAC, PC, or Notebook that support USB port connections.

  • Affordable Costs and Australian Delivery

    USB prices change daily, please enquire for exact pricing based on GB capacity and print design. Our prices exclude GST. The item is only deliverable inside Australia. It has a 2 week turnaround time.

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