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Promotional Pocket USB Memory

Promotional Pocket USB Memory

SKU: candy flash memory

This candy coloured flash memory drive comes to you with a transparent body with a removable cap. The unit itself measures 1.5 x 5.5cm. Colours available for this flash memory drive include:

Red | Blue | Black | Yellow | Orange | Dark Green | Lime Green | Dark Blue | White | Clear | Purple | Pink

In fact if you were interested in this particular unit, you may order yours in a mixture of colours for no additional cost. The minimum order number per colour though is 25 pieces. When ordering a mixed colour lot of pocket memory sticks we do recommend contrasting your branding to ensure it is visible. For example ligher print for dark flash memory colours and vice versa, opting for darker print for lighter USB memory colours.

The colour palette makes these flash memory drives a great idea for students, or when you want a mix of colours for different purposes and events.

Branding Area for Your Corporate Logo

The branding area for this memory flash drive is: 2.5cm x 1.1cm. This space is generally suitable for a logo or perhaps for 2 lines of text. The longer branding area also makes it ideal to have your website URL address listed too.

Ask us for a free mock up with your graphic logo. Simply supply us with your logo to brand in an EPS or PDF format and we can have a free mock up created for you.

Data Pre Loading

It is a great idea to distribute your flash memory drives to your guests with your data pre-loaded. Some ideas may include:
1) Images of your products or services
2) Corporate catalogue or material
3) Software
4) Emergency contact numbers or information
5) Company prospectus

We can pre load data on your behalf to save you precious time. If it is simply a few small files that are several megabytes in size we can offer this as a free service. If however you have a large amount of data that you would like pre-loaded please let our staff know and we can provide you with a quote.

Wholesale Orders With Your Branding

We specialize in branding your logo onto memory drives. This unit can be printed on both sides using pad printing. We offer free printing up to 3 colours. To obtain a quote please follow the prompts on this website or give us a phone call. We provide fast 1 hour quotes during business hours.

Memory capacities available for this memory include: 1gigabyte | 2gigabyte | 4gigabyte | 8gigabyte | 16gigabytes | 32gigabytes. Choose your desired capacity and contact us for a quote today!

Fast Delivery Australia Wide

We deliver all around Australia. General turnaround time is about 2 weeks including branding of your logo and delivery. If you require your product earlier, simply contact us and advise us of your required date. In most instances we can supply flash memory drives to you earlier to meet your event date.

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