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Push USB Flashdrives Customised

Push USB Flashdrives Customised


Increasing technological advancements have shifted everything to an online or digital platform. Whether one has to make a grocery list or submit an assignment, they try to keep it as impressive or tech-savvy as possible. This makes our Push USB Flash Drives Customised a thoughtful giveaway item. USB drives are also an important tool in the corporate industry to transfer data with others in a safe way. It is a much better, efficient, compact, and cost-saver way of sharing files with co-workers or clients.

Buy Logo Branded Portable Memory Drives

The sleek design of these flash drives will surely please all your prospects. These have a small transparent tab that can be engraved with your logo or name. One can use this tab to push out the USB drive from the body. However, this is not all, this tab also has a laser light that switches on when the flash drive is plugged in. The body for these USB drives is made from a durable and sturdy combination of Acrylic and ABS plastic. Having no cap feature, these ensure that the mouth of the flash drive stays protected at all times. It also has a unique metal loop to link the drive with a keyring.

Budget Prices and Australian Shipping

1-colour customisation on a single spot will be included in the cost provided when our team quotes you based on the memory size and branding you require. Only accept orders from Australia. Standard 2-week turnaround period.

Item Features

Product Size:

  • 6(w) x 2(h) x 1(d) cm

Product Colours:

  • Black
  • White
  • Blue
  • Red

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