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Vegan Leather Promotional USB Drives

Vegan Leather Promotional USB Drives


Give your marketing campaign a nature-friendly and tech-savvy touch by getting our Vegan Leather Promotional USB Drives. Designed to impress, these unique flash drives can also be used as keyholders and keychains. The distinct design of these makes them a great brand promotion product for various businesses. Not only will these allow the users to transfer and share data quickly from their gadgets. But they will also ensure that the users do not lose or misplace their keys. Offering multi-functionality, these USB drives will help you in getting enhanced brand recognition and retention.

Buy Logo Branded Leatherette Flashdrives

You can get these for trade shows and conventions, to hand them out to prospects and other visitors. Or you can gift these to your employees as an appreciation gift, Regardless of who you give these to, everyone will be thrilled to get their hands on these and use them the earliest they can. The USB flash drive mouth swivels out of the leather cover when needed. It acts as a protective layer for the port and keeps it away from dirt, dust, and other damages. Since it is made from Vegan Leather, it makes these a unique, sustainable, and eco-friendly item.

Budget Costs and Australian Shipping

The flash drives will be branded on one spot with a one-colour design. GST excluded. We only deliver these inside Australia. For any state or territory, a two-week manufacturing period is required.

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