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XL Gold Bar Fast Branded USB

XL Gold Bar Fast Branded USB

SKU: extra large gold usb

Our Gold Bar USB flash memory units have been supersized for an even more authentic gold bar look. Add some bling and serious weight to your campaign with these units that are 25% larger than our originals. The XL Gold Bar USBs are 6cms long and 2.2cms wide, making them large enough to make a statement while still being compact enough to fit snugly into your pockets. Weighing it at around 70 grams, our XL Gold Bar USBs make great promotional gifts especially once we've customised them with your logo.

Each XL Gold Bar USB is available in gold colour only. The finish of the product is in a shiny surfaced finish and there is no matt finish option. To complete the look of authenticity, the product is pre-printed with the details NETWT: 1000g towards the bottom, along with the words:


You and your recipients will definitely love the unique look of this product. The gold bar flash memory drive is activated via a push button at the back which will extend and retract the USB nib for insertion.

Custom Brand Your Logo

Your logo is emblazoned via laser engraving or pad printing. Engraving would result in your branding being a bit more subtle but the advantage is that it will be a permanant brand. Printing on the other hand is a lot more visible and obvious however it will be prone to scratching and chipping over time. Ask our friendly sales staff for the best advice in custom branding your logo onto these flash memory drives. Please supply your logo in either an EPS or PDF format saved to outlines

Memory Capacity Availability

This product is available in your choice of capacity to match your budget and your event. Choose from 1gb | 2gb | 4gb | 8gb | 16gb | 32gb | 64gb. The minimum order starts from 50 pieces for each memory capacity.

Urgent Last Minute Delivery for Promotional USB

We deliver with a standard 2 week turnaround time right around Australia. If you have left things a bit late please do not worry. Normally we can deliver them quicker for a small fee. Simply ask us when you make your enquiry with us. Please call us or follow the prompts on this webpage and we will reply to your query within the hour during work days.

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