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Promotional Novelty Flash Drives

Want a product to set you apart from everybody else? Our range of fun and unique promotional USB memory devices is your answer. USB Planet supplies a wide range of novelty flash drives, which are bound to catch the attention of your clients and event attendees. 


With your logo or design custom printed onto our promotional pen drives, your guests, team members, or clients will be impressed by this product. If you do not see the type of novelty flash memory style you are looking for, please contact us, as we can easily custom-make a design just for you.

Ideal Case Uses for Custom Printed Novelty USBs

Novelty flash drives, with their unique designs and shapes, serve various purposes beyond mere data storage. Here are some ideal case uses:

  • Corporate Gifts: Stand out by giving clients and employees fun, themed flash drives that reflect your company’s creativity.

  • Educational Tools: Engage students by distributing course material on flash drives shaped like books, pencils, or mascots.

  • Marketing Campaigns: Promote new products or services with flash drives that mirror the product design or logo, enhancing brand recall.

  • Event Souvenirs: Provide memorable keepsakes for event attendees, such as weddings or conferences, with custom-designed flash drives.

  • Retail Merchandise: Offer fans of films, games, or cartoons novelty flash drives that feature their favourite characters or icons.

Caring for Personalised Novelty Flash Drives

To ensure your flash drive remains in optimal condition, consider the following guidance:

  • Avoid Harsh Temperatures: Keep them away from extreme temperatures to protect their internal mechanism.

  • Utilise a Protective Case: Use a case or dedicated pocket to shield against scratches and grime.

  • Maintain a Clean Connector: Periodically clean the USB connector with a soft, lint-free cloth for reliable connectivity.

  • Handle Gently: Carefully plug in and eject the flash drive to prevent connector damage.

  • Steer Clear of Magnets: Keep the flash drive away from strong magnets to protect your data.

  • Regularly Back-Up Files: Maintain backups of important files in case the flash drive malfunctions.


Do you offer blank flash drives?

Yes, we have unbranded devices for clients who prefer a minimalist look or wish to personalise them independently.


What unique designs are available?

We offer a wide range of designs, from animals and cartoon characters to objects related to various professions and hobbies, ensuring there's a style to match every business.


Are they compatible with all computer systems?

Absolutely, our novelty flash drives are designed to be compatible with both Mac and PC systems, providing versatile use across different devices.


Can I order them in bulk for an event or promotion?

Yes, bulk orders are available, and they're perfect for events, promotional giveaways, or as part of a marketing strategy, often with discounts.

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